Do you think your partner has a drinking problem??

Do you feel at the end of your tether?

Are you looking for reliable information about whether they are an alcoholic? – We have that information here.

Have you been trying to change their drinking and are frustrated because nothing you do seems to work? – We have been there and can tell you what works and what doesn’t work.

Are you tired of being told you are powerless to do anything? – We believe in empowering you.

Are you tired of being told to dump your drinker? – We know that you still love them and are looking for a way to rekindle that love.

Do you feel completely alone, scared to talk to anyone about it? – We are here, this website is private and confidential.

Do you wish you could get professional help? – We have decades of professional experience.

Are you really worried about your family’s well-being and safety? - Getting the right help at this stage could really change your circumstances.  We know, we’ve been where you are now.  Let us help you.

Most common mistakes partner's of alcoholics make

 Bottled Up has a unique secret weapon

Lou and John created Bottled Up because, just like you, they have also suffered the effects of alcoholism.  Because they know that sense of being alone, not knowing where to turn.  They started Bottled Up to help and support you and others like you.

Lou was married to an alcoholic for 29 years till his death and talks openly about the mistakes she made, the times she got it right and the lessons she learned.  John was an alcoholic and addict (clean and sober since 1984) and is completely frank about his drinking and recovery.  Between them they provide a rare insight into both sides of the issue, the drinker and the partner.  But they bring more than personal experience, they also bring professional training and experience.

Lou is a therapist with her own counselling practice, so she brings a knowledge of strategies for change.  John is a psychologist who taught addiction counsellors at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Studies at Paisley University and who has published widely and presented his research at many international conferences.


So in Bottled Up you get the benefit of

  • A caring and supportive community – that you can share with
  • Personal experience of both sides of drinking – helping you understand why some things work and others just don’t
  • Professional help and advice – that you can trust
  • Tried and tested strategies – that will change your life

The most common mistakes partners' of alcoholics make

Do your efforts to change your alcoholic keep failing?  
An alcoholic tells you why.

Living with an alcoholic is difficult – but you don’t need us to tell you that!  We would bet that you have tried many different ways to get your drinker to change and nothing has worked.  In fact some things may even have made the drinking worse.  You’re not alone, most people who live with an alcoholic find themselves confused and frustrated because all the things that should bring change, just don’t work!

In Bottled Up we explain why your best attempts to bring about change keep missing the mark and show you strategies that are much more effective.  In this free chapter from our book, “Bottled Up; How to Survive Living with a Problem Drinker”, we show you the most common mistakes families of drinkers make.  But we don’t just tell you what the mistakes are, in this chapter – The 4Ps- you can read the view of an alcoholic and how he reacted to these attempts to get him to change.  This is very important information that you won’t find anywhere else.

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