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Do you live with an alcoholic?

Do you worry constantly what will happen today, tomorrow – will he drink today – will she get drunk again – injure herself – not turn up – turn up drunk?

Do you find yourself Googling topics such as – signs of alcoholism – how can I get my partner to stop drinking – alcoholism treatment?  But just can’t find the information that you are looking for.

Do you find that you are being invited to fewer and fewer social occasions?  Do your ‘friends’ call you less often?  Do you avoid them or avoid talking about how life is for you?

Do you wish that you could just sit down and have a coffee with someone who knows what they are talking about?  Someone who would listen, understand, be compassionate and not judge?  Someone who knows what it’s like to be you?

Have you have ever searched for help, only to find that there is very little on offer for people in your situation.  Or the help that was available was too expensive.

If this sounds like you then you’ll love Bottled Up!

We are here for the Families of Alcoholics

In Bottled Up we recognise that you need three things

    • Information that you can rely on.  Much of what is on the internet is, at best, opinion; some of it is just plain wrong.  The information in Bottled Up is drawn from the best information and research available at this time.  So you do not need to keep trawling the internet for information.  It is here in articles, audios and videos.
    • A community that understands where you are coming from because they have been there.  A community that is willing to share its highs and lows, dreams and nightmares.  A community that recognises the dilemma of loving an alcoholic but hating the drinking.  We have some wonderful people in Bottled Up that are at all stages, coping with the chaos of the drinking, on the first steps of recovery, long term recovery and everything in between.
    • Professional help that can provide answers to the difficult questions.  If you have ever looked into professional help you will realise that it is expensive, very expensive!  This is where Bottled Up is different from other websites and/or helping services.  Self help groups are cheap (they are not really free, they do expect donations) but there is no professional input.  As a member of Bottled Up you can get professional help and support for the price of a cup of coffee.

Bottled Up was created by a Dr of Psychology (John) with over 30 years experience working in the addiction field and a Counsellor (Lou) with a private practice for 25 years.  So there is very strong professional input.  However, both Lou and John also have personal experience of alcoholism.  Lou was married to an alcoholic for 29 years until his death and in John 1984 was given 6 months to live if he continued drinking and taking drugs.  So not only do you get help from well-established professionals it comes from professional people that have been where you are.
OK sounds good but what is Bottled Up?
Bottled Up is a collection of information and tools

In the members’ section you can find

      • A member's blog where we post new videos and articles and also chat with members
      • A forum where members chat with each other and us
      • Step by step manuals to empower and help you cope with your situation – beginning with stop the things that you do that make the situation worse
      • Videos of us talking about various topics such as how the alcoholic thinks – this might really surprise you
      • Audios of us discussing some of these subjects in more depth
      • Articles on topics such as anger and other emotions
      • The 10 Simple Changes audios – each audio introduces one small change that can make a big difference in your life
      • The ebooks on Hope and SHARE (our unique approach to relating to the alcoholic)
      • Many more resources which we are continually adding

Meet Lou and John

We’re here to help!

We’ve experienced alcoholism first hand and from both sides. Bottled-up was created to provide professional help for people living with an alcoholic.

We provide practical help including:

  Help to empower yourself

  Insight into the mind of an alcholic

  Community for your support network

  Strategies to make like easier

  Respectful and private space for you to share and learn.

Join Bottled Up

What our Members Say

Change your life for the price of a cup of coffee

If you want 

professional help and support delivered in an easy to digest friendly manner

a safe and secure environment where you can share your heart and feelings

advice and tools that will transform your life

all for less than the cost of a coffee a week

then join Bottled Up

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