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Meet Lou and John

We’re here to help!

We’ve experienced alcoholism first hand and from both sides. Bottled-up was created to provide professional help for people living with an alcoholic.

We provide practical help including:

  Help to empower yourself

  Insight into the mind of an alcholic

  Community for your support network

  Strategies to make like easier

  Respectful and private space for you to share and learn.

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Who Bottled-Up Can Help?

Those who are living with an alcoholic and feeling frustrated, angry, sad, frightened and at the end of your tetherWe are here to help

Those who are still in love with your drinker (even though there are days you may feel hate too)

Those who are feeling a sense of shame that you’re living with a drinker

Those who are finding themselves becoming socially isolated

Those looking for support, help and information in a safe and private community.

Those looking for strategies to take back control of your life.

We are here to help YOU!

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    For Families of Alcoholics

    Why do alcoholics lie?

    Why do they deny having a problem?

    What do they get from alcohol?

    You can find the answers to these and many other questions in the Premium Member's Section of Bottled Up.  There are audios and videos of John speaking about his alcoholism and how it affected him.

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    What Makes An Alcoholic?

    The picture that usually springs to mind when people talk about an alcoholic is the homeless person sleeping rough or someone who is drunk constantly.  In Bottled Up we look at drinking problems in a different way.  We look at them from your viewpoint, not the drinkers. Many people have found this view to be both helpful and comforting.

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    Useful Tools and Resources

    Some of you may just want to get some information and take it away, working on it by yourself.  The Free members' section has a lot of information about alcoholism and the behaviour of alcoholics.  The Premium members' section has much more, including step by step help that can be found in audios, videos and other formats.

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    What our Members Say

    Who are Lou & John?

    Lou  is a therapist but she was married to an alcoholic so she knows how you feel because she has experienced it all first hand. Find out more about Lou

    John is a Dr of psychology but 30 years ago he was given six months to live because of his alcoholism and drug use.  He knows what goes on the alcoholic’s head.  Find out more about John

    How We Can Help

    We first created Bottled Up in 2008 because we recognised that there was a lack of help and support for the partners and families of alcoholics.  Living with an alcoholic is a complex situation and it is not helped in any way by the common (and ignorant) advice that just says get out, run, dump him/her.

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